Scientists Baffled: Pillows Older Than 3 Years Infested With Millions of Germs in 99% Of Cases

Scientific studies show that sleep is one of the most crucial parts of living a happy and stress-free life, but many adults are still sleeping with inferior pillows.

If you find yourself feeling tired or discouraged throughout the day even after a long sleep the night before, it’s probably due to you unknowingly experiencing some kind of discomfort when you’re asleep. 

Similar to sleep apnea (where your body has to stay partially awake to breathe) - if your posture is even partially incorrect, your body has to correct for it all night long, never getting a chance to truly rest. 

More than often, all these issues are due to the usage of old and inept pillows.

Not only that, but ask yourself: When was the last time you really changed pillows? 

According to many studies, pillows found in our bedrooms tend to be these are older than 3 years. This generally means that are infested with millions of germs and in some bad cases, even harmful and dangerous mold.

Because of this concept, you may get 8+ hours of sleep every night, but still feel tired throughout the day. This is troubling, because a lack of energy despite plenty of sleep is one of the single largest contributors to depression and anxiety. 

Difficulty completing tasks, lack of interest in socializing, and depression are all symptoms of a lack of real rest.

Many resort to harmful sleeping pills through a doctor or over the counter medicine...

Unfortunately, many of these sleeping pills are known for being highly-addictive, largely ineffective, and always overpriced. You just end up contaminating your body, losing money, and you still end up suffering from insomnia and lack of energy.

Experts Agree: Cooler & Cleaner Pillows Help You Sleep Better

Scientists spent years trying to unlock the secret to better sleep - The results might shock you...

Studies all across the world confirm that most insomnia issues could be easily solved if we could simply drop the temperature in our bedrooms by only 3 degrees.  

Obviously, big pharma does not want you to know about this. But, why would they? They'd lose out on a ton of money from people like you, who are consistently suffering from insomnia...

But there has to be another way. We can't just be adding onto the already huge amount of meds that we consume every day...

To find out if there is indeed another way, a team of experts spent years trying to develop a pillow. 

The pillow they'd come up with, needed to help solve a few crucial points which are bothering sleepers worldwide:

  • Stay cool even in the hottest of nights
  • Be comfortable and good for neck pain
  • Anti-Allergenic
  • Stay clean and sanitized even after years of use

Many synthetic and expensive fabric materials were tried, but none seemed to do the trick.

That's when one scientist realized: Maybe they had been looking at the issue the wrong way?...

Why try to solve the issue with synthetic materials - Maybe mother nature has a solution for us?

This revolutionary organic fiber has been called the "miracle fiber" of the 21st century

After all, humans had been sleeping for millions of years, on naturally sourced pillows and bedsheet materials.

Why not try an organic fiber, which is known across the whole bedding industry as a "miracle fabric"?

It's sustainable, organic, easy to source, anti-allergenic and also keeps humidity and heat at bay...

And this "miracle fabric" we're talking about? It's bamboo sourced organic fabric...

As its name suggests, bamboo fabric is produced from the well known and easily grown bamboo tree.

Therefore, it is a sustainable source of material for a much-needed new pillow technology in the 21st century.  

Bamboo fabric is widely known as the "miracle-fabric" of the 21st century. It is without a doubt the best material to use for pillows and mattresses because:

  • Fibers of the bamboo plant are hollow, and the small gaps and holes in bamboo fibers absorb moisture. This keeps germs and humidity at bay
  • Bamboo fibers also allow hot air to escape. This keeps our heads nice and cold at night
  • Bamboo generally doesn't trigger any allergic reactions
  • Bamboo fibers are naturally comfortable on the skin and soft
  • And to top things off, bamboo fabrics are very gentle on the skin and static-free. Say goodbye to "morning hair" and skin wrinkles caused by bad pillows

Could a bamboo memory foam pillow change all that?

Meet the BambooCloud pillow - the result of year long development by scientists across the world

Our study did not only reveal interesting new ways we could use bamboo fibers....

But also resulted up in the development of a revolutionary pillow called “BambooCloud”.

This futuristic pillow utilizes the cutting-edge technologies of memory foam and refined bamboo fabrics to create a pillow that’s comfortable, breathable, and compatible with any sleeping position. 

This cool and breathable memory foam pillow has been meet with excitement worldwide.

Equally from the medical community which has been recommending it strongly and also by its users who can finally enjoy more relaxing and refreshing sleep quality.

How the BambooCloud Pillow Works

Helps you keep a neutral neck position - Resulting in less neck pain

Scientists at BambooCloud have ingeniously wrapped memory foam in bamboo-derived material, combining the benefits from both into a truly superior pillow.

The memory foam allows for a comfortable and even sleep from any angle or position, while the breathable, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic bamboo fibers allow for a clean and cool sleep.

The memory foam composition makes the pillow comfortable for sleeping at every angle and position. Regardless of your sleeping position, your back, hips, and joints will be able to fully relax and rest, which makes for great recovery after a busy day.

From what we’ve seen, the BambooCloud does a fantastic job in supporting the back, hips, knees, or any other joints that may need extra support. We brought this up to the creators, and they agreed to include an extra free BambooCloud for anyone who buys two at the same time! Support of your entire body after a long day is much easier when you have multiple memory foam pillows to help.

And for “frequent pillow flippers”, the bamboo material is also highly absorbent, making for a much cooler night’s sleep. The natural fibers from the bamboo make it much more breathable.

How does this discovery help you?

Research shows that only a small percentage of the world population sleep well at night. Scientists at BambooCloud have found the two main causes to be discomfort from the angle/position of your body, and the lukewarm temperature of your pillow (causing your head and body to have a slightly uncomfortable temperature).

BambooCloud is designed to fix both problems at once. By using memory foam, the pillow allows your body to rest at any angle, without having to adjust for your posture. And by wrapping the memory foam in breathable bamboo material, the pillow is able to circulate air and remain cool all night.


  • Versatile and portable - Take it anywhere!
  • Extra protection against bacteria & non-allergenic
  • Convenient and relaxing
  • Invented by neurologists and sleep experts

Your pillow may be packed with germs

Using an old pillow? Then there's a high chance that you’re sleeping with millions of germs in your face every night.

Unfortunately, it’s near impossible to get rid of the countless amounts of dust mites that live and breed there.

Luckily, bamboo is a natural antimicrobial, and prevents bacteria from adhering to the surface of your pillow! 

Plus, the hypoallergenic properties of bamboo fibers are treated with much less harmful chemicals during their production, and thus are less likely to have allergic sensitivities.

But don't take our word for it. You just have to read the reviews of recent experiences with the BambooCloud pillows below to understand why you should grab at least two for your bed. What are you waiting for?

"Not even sleeping pills or my neurologist could help me have a quiet night as BambooCloud does. I now sleep 8 worthy hours per night with it and feel brand new."

"Since I started suffering from insomnia, my life was falling apart with the constant mood changes, not only at work but also with my wife as well. BambooCloud saved me and my life!"

"It’s the best pillow in the market and saved my life by using it during the day and night. The only insomnia antidote that worked for me and my father."


  • Made out of durable and non-allergenic memory foam
  • Portable, Easy to Use, Light, Foldable and Slim
  • Investment into a peaceful night’s Sleep - evey night
  • Integrated protection against bacteria and bugs


  • May Be Running Out Of Stock Soon

Bottom line: Without a good night’s sleep, you’re more susceptible to depression, anxiety, and injury. With BambooCloud, you can finally let your body rest at night, without any need for dangerous drugs or other expensive sleeping aids!

Here’s the best part

Until now, this product has been listed for incredibly high prices in local pillow stores... 

the creators of the BambooCloud have given us permission to offer our readers a huge discount, in the hopes of helping as many people get great rest for only 429 kr!

The problem is, many revolutionary companies such as BambooCloud are bought out and “re-purposed”, often to help big pharma companies sell more insomnia drugs! We can’t guarantee BambooCloud’s incredible pillow will be around long, so we recommend getting yours immediately.

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