Meet the new irrigation hose that everyone with a garden should know about - you won't believe what it can do!

The French-made hose that waters gardens and cleans garages all over Europe with pressure-regulated water, leaving them spotless, is now in our country!

It could be exactly the hose we needed for a summer that has become the hottest in history. Not only is it the best solution for watering your garden, or cleaning your car, you can also use it to take the heat out of those hot summer months.

Colour Hydro Easy is incomparable with other brands and you can use it for all kinds of occasions, when you are going to clean the floor of your garden, for example, in a very comfortable way and without having to be bending down thanks to its power pressure. You can also use it to wash the car when you come from the beach and that dust that is so hard to remove remains embedded.

It allows you to water the garden and countless other things allowing all users who have already purchased it to save water, time and money, thus becoming one of the best products on the market in its category.

Hate it when your hose gets tangled on itself?

You will no longer have to walk 30 meters continuously to untangle your hose when you use it, because with this revolutionary product manufactured by the French, that is now a thing of the past.

With the Colour Hydro Easy, you will no longer have to replace the hose every year due to corrosion and sun damage because it is made of highly resistant materials that will make your hose a very resistant product.

The Colour Hydro Easy, has different modes of use, pressurized water, irrigation or even water mist, which makes this product very versatile and helps us in different everyday situations.

It has an exceptional quality of durability, reaching to stay like new in the order of 4 times more than a standard hose. This makes it one of the most competitive products on the market.

No more untangling the hose all the time!

On those hot days when you need to water your plants, you reach for the hose and... nothing, you look back and see that, in less than five minutes, three knots have been made in the hose and you have to go back to remove them and continue watering, this is over with the Colour Hydro Easy! thanks to the materials in which it is made, it will no longer get tangled.

The metal head will make you not worry about rust and the hose will not crack or split. You will forget about those tireless pulls that burdened your back and neck, because it will not get tangled thanks to the materials it is made of.

With this incredible product forget about cheap irrigation hoses, and expensive ones too, because Colour Hydro Easy has an ideal price that is revolutionizing the entire market. What are you waiting for? Buy it now!

Made with exclusive materials, you're going to be the envy of the neighborhood!

Manufactured in the highest quality materials, it has a very innovative elastic design and many options for use. These materials provide the product with an excellent level of durability compared to any other similar product.

Inclement weather will not be a problem for this product, as it is designed and manufactured with materials resistant to any damage that may be caused by prolonged exposure to both sun and rain.

You will be able to reach the farthest corners because while a standard hose has a length of up to 10 meters, this hose has the characteristic of elasticity being able to lengthen up to 30 meters.

What do customers who have already tried Color Hydro Easy hose say?

Excellent value for money, and the delivery is very fast, they rigorously complied with the agreed delivery day. In addition, the website is very intuitive for seniors. I bought two units, as it was the best of the options and of course I will buy more again. Romina H.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       
It was my first time buying a product like this and until now I had felt loyal to certain well-known brands that happen to be more expensive. The price difference and the good opinions that the product has from users, plus the comparison with other similar products is what made me finally decide to try it. After a few weeks of use, I must say that I am super happy. I recommend it without any doubt. Sandra T.

I'm thrilled to have purchased this product! It meets all the expectations I had, plus the delivery is very fast and it comes in a well protected box. I checked user reviews of other brands and none of them convinced me completely, I finally ended up finding this brand and saw that almost everything is positive. Manuel R.


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Don't just listen to our words, start using this hose because these people loved it!

Just follow the following 4 steps to make it yours:

Step 1: Order the hose through the official website to enjoy a great offer.

Step 2: Choose the payment method you prefer, with total security and convenience.

Step 3: Receive your shipment quickly.
Step 4: Start using the hose and start being the envy of the whole neighborhood.

The best option on the market!

Main Advantages

  • The Colour Hydro Easy does everything from a strong stream of water, to a light mist of water. Oh, and the head is also very durable.
  • The head is made of high quality metal and will never crack, rust or break at least in the short, medium and long term; this is now a thing of the past!
  • Seeing the hose expand or shorten with water pressure is impressive, you will not see anything like it on the market. It is simply a revolutionary product.
  • It is a very robust product, you can coil the hose, tangle it, anything you want to do with it that will continue to provide a constant flow of water, you will be amazed!

How can you buy it?

You can place your order online through the official website to be sent to your home.

Only during the launch period, the company is offering an exclusive promotion for this product through this link. And if that were not enough, they also offer a discount for bulk purchases.


50% off only during the launch period at this link. Buy it now! Limited Sale.

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