Australian Millionaire Going Crazy From Foot and Back Agony Discovers Closely Guarded Secret in Japan That Stopped His Pain in Hours!

Written by Ben Johnson

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Bruce M. was a handsome, wealthy, self-made multi-millionaire businessman who most people would think had it all.

He trained as an attorney in Australia, graduating near the top of his class. Before he was thirty, he made his first million, and built success upon success.

Young, wealthy, a hit with the ladies, anybody would think that Bruce had it made. Yes, he had it all…except for one terrible problem.

Bruce suffered from a literal “Achilles Heel” that sometimes made his life a living hell. He was plagued with terrible, stabbing foot and back pain that sometimes forced him to take to his bed like an invalid for weeks on end.

Bruce went to the finest medical specialists in the world. He took appointments with top Western medical minds in New York, London, Melbourne, in fact, anywhere he thought he could find help for his pain.

They did tests, C-Scans, biopsies, but not one of them could pinpoint why Bruce was suffering from this constant and crippling pain.

“The human body is complex, and there are just some things we cannot figure out.” one doctor in New York City told him. “There’s nothing seriously wrong with you, but we cannot figure out the source of your pain. It might be neuropathy or some abnormality of the nervous system.”

Bruce was dismayed. “Just learn to live with it,” the doctor said, “You’re otherwise healthy. I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do.”

The doctor offered to give Bruce powerful narcotic pain killers but this is something Bruce didn’t want to do. He needed his mind to be sharp. He could not afford to be in a drug-induced daze.

Fast forward a few years. Bruce finds himself in Japan on a business trip, and happens to discuss his chronic foot and back pain with a colleague.

“You must go to this famous Ryokan (a spiritual retreat) where many famous Japanese go to find cures for their pain.” his Japanese friend told him.

Bruce went to the Ryokan for a week. A practitioner who worked there took one look at Bruce’s stylish London-made shoes and frowned. “The feet are full of the most sensitive nerve endings and body energy centers. All body systems flow through the feet. Your shoes are probably hurting your body!”

He handed Bruce a special, handmade pair of sandals which had been created according to centuries old methods. The sandals fit comfortably. Bruce felt a comfort which spread a warmth throughout his body.

But most importantly, the soles of the sandals were covered with many soothing “acupoints”, which massaged and interacted with the natural nerve endings in the feet.

In a couple of days, Bruce almost cried. His foot and back pain had subsided so much that he almost forgot there had been anything wrong.

He tried to take home the sandals, but he was told they were a “secret of the Ryokan”. But Bruce now knew how to fix his foot and back pain, and he vowed to recreate the sandals, and even improve on them!

Famous Hong Kong Traditional Doctor Yan Sang Wong Steps in!

Bruce spoke to some people at the highest level in Hong Kong and was introduced to one of the most learned traditional specialists in the world.

The doctor was Dr. Yan Sang Wong. Bruce told him the story of the sandals at the Ryokan.

The doctor agreed that acupoints could relieve foot and back pain, but Doctor Wong explained that there was much more that could help.

“Magnetic energy controls the flow of “Chi” (positive energy) in the human body.”, he said. “If we combine Chinese knowledge of magnetic energy with the powerful massage points, we can create a shoe sole which will have almost miraculous power to relieve pain.”

Bruce and the doctor worked for months. They made dozens of prototypes and tested every version. They gave samples to young and old people who suffered pain, and of course Bruce tried them himself.

What was astonishing was that not only people with pain were helped, but healthy people with no pain even reported a massive boost in vitality, energy and well being.

At long last, the almost magical shoe soles were done. They decided to call them “MINDINSOLES”, because of the transformative nature for the good in people’s lives that they created.

MindInsoles Catches on Like Wildfire!

Bruce and Doctor Wong gave out hundreds of samples of MindInsoles to everyone they knew.

With only word of mouth, people who were suffering and people who loved the new energy they felt stormed Doctor Wong’s office.

Bruce made another run of prototypes but in a few days they too were gone.

He got calls from all over the world. Specialists in Europe has tested 
MindInsoles and were absolutely astounded at the results. MindInsoles were featured in dozens of TV news shows and magazines.

When Bruce stopped in his office in New York City, he was shocked to find that half a dozen venture capital companies were camped out waiting for him.

Bruce was a canny businessman. “Why were all these companies offering me millions of dollars for the rights to my secret product? If they think they can make a lot of money manufacturing MindInsoles, why not do it myself??!!”

MindInsoles Is Now Available To Everyone!

Bruce formed a company to sell the original, powerful, perfected MINDINSOLES TO EVERYONE!

He decided to market them direct to the public, at a reasonable price.

This was so he could control the quality. The manufacturing process has to be precise. The magnets had to be the correct strength and type. The pressure points must be exact. Bruce knew there might be imitators, but no other company had the real secret.

The first run of MINDINSOLES EXPLODED. Reorders and new orders piled in. Pretty soon, the demand for MINDINSOLES was outstripping the ability of the factories to make them!

Find Out How They Work and Get MindInsoles for Yourself!

Using magnetic therapy and acupressure, MINDINSOLES will realign your natural energy, balancing your entire body!

Get off your tired, sore feet, forget about back pain and get into MINDINSOLES!

No more pain with MINDINSOLES in your shoes! They feel great and keep you energized throughout the day. Start every day in the right step with MINDINSOLES.

MindInsoles Will Work Immediately. Its Time to Get Rid of Your Everyday Aches!

Foot Pain

You use your feet all day! Walking, running, hiking, dancing, and working out! You’re busy, on the go, running from your daytime job to your night shift. You work hard for your money and you want your feet to work hard for you! They’re your best form of transportation so it’s only natural that at the end of the day they feel run down! As humans, we were made to walk around barefoot, and MINDINSOLES brings your body back to its natural state.

Lack of Energy

Chi energy is the balance in your body. It makes you feel good when they’re aligned, but grumpy and negative when they’re out of place. MINDINSOLES will align your chi, improving the all over balance of your body. Now who doesn’t want that?

Uncomfortable Shoes

You’d probably wear fluffy slippers around all day if you could! They’re comfy, they feel like clouds, and they’re breathable! Why can’t you have that with every pair of shoes? I’ll tell you why, because we sacrifice comfort for looks. MINDINSOLES fits into ANY shoe so all your shoes will leave you feeling amazing! Comfort for looks will no longer be an issue!

How it Works:

By placing the magnets on areas of pain, stress, or injury, MINDINSOLES encourages the oxygen rich nutrients to protect the area where the magnetic field is present. The different magnets target specific areas of the body:

  • 12 large acupoints to support your foot’s arch and the body’s core
  • 120 medium acupoints to stimulate reflex
  • 270 small acupoints that promote nutrient rich blood flow
  • 5 magnets are strategically placed to relieve pain when on the key reflex points

Still don’t believe it?

MINDINSOLES will give you back the balance you’ve been missing. You will have more energy, feel healthier, and overall, happier. Everyone will wonder what your secret is!

They’ll Feel So Amazing

You’ll Wonder Why You Didn’t Get Them Sooner! Magnetic therapy can reduce neuropathic pain, increase blood flow, and reduce acidity of the bodily fluids. Use MINDINSOLES to feel immediate benefits:

  • Massage – Uses reflexology to target energy zones
  • Stimulation – Magnets designed to target specific areas of pain in the body
  • Isolated healing – Designed to target areas of pain for healing

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