50+ Discounts Seniors Didn’t Know They Could Get

Written by Ben Johnson

Born before 1964? Then you automatically apply for these BIG discounts.

Born Before 1964? Congrats, You Qualify!  

If you’re a senior, you’ve paid your dues. You worked for years, you followed the rules, and now it’s time to collect some hard earned discounts. And trust us, there are plenty of awesome discounts out there for you. But the trick is, you have to know about them, and you have to ask for them. You've earned these discounts, now take advantage of them!  

We have gathered over 50 companies that are offering BIG discounts (50% or more) for seniors! Check them out below, and if you find something you like, make sure to order it before the discount expires.  

#1. Photostick — Makes Backing Up Photos a Snap!

★★★★★ (4,136 reviews)

Is there anyone on your gift list that needs help backing up the pictures on their computer? Think mom, dad, grandma, etc... do yourself (and them) a favor and get them a Photostick this year.  

All you do is plug it in to a USB port, click “go”, and Photostick automatically finds and backs up their pictures. That’s it –no “finding the right folder”. No “wrong directory”. No issues. It works on both PC’s and Macs, and it can save up to 60,000 photos.  

It’s about as easy as it gets. And trust us, your family and friends will love the fact you got them this the next time a virus kills their computer and they lose everything. You’ll have saved the day by saving their photos. Yay you!!

Save up to 50% on Photostick >>

MosquitoBlock - The #1 Solution for the mosquito problem

★★★★★ (11,343 reviews)

MosquitoBlock is a revolutionary non-chemical mosquito bracelet that repels pests indoors and outdoors- even when it’s wet!  

Long gone are the days of having to coat your skin with smelly, greasy bug spray. Sure, those toxic chemicals keep mosquitos away, but they are also harmful to your health.  

In a world where mosquito-borne illnesses are a real threat, why should poison be the only option of defense?  

MosquitoBlock takes liquids out of the picture, using high-frequency sound waves that scare away mosquitos and other pests.

HealthWatch — The Watch That May Save Your Life Or Prevent a Stroke

★★★★★ (1,251 reviews)

The ultimate watch to keep track of your health!  

It is a solution in a technological device that can help you in your everyday life. However, people are also very demanding with the current market, so much so that they cannot wear just any type of accessory, but one that goes well with their clothes or even eye colour. Design is a must.  

Ultimately, a stylish smart watch that is at your fingertips. With it you can monitor your health everyday and enjoy its design that combines elegance and practicality.

SnoWhite - Patented Device Whitens Your Teeth in 9 Minutes

★★★★★ (4,331 reviews)

Getting a bright, attractive smile typically costs thousands when relying on traditional dental treatments. However, thanks to some recent advancements in home teeth whitening technology, you can now cut time and money spent on getting your teeth whitened to almost nothing, by using SnoWhite.

Xwatch - The "Apple watch killer" is here, and it's cheaper than you think..

★★★★★ (11,275 reviews)

Latest Europe start-up has just launched the flagship smartwatch called XWATCH giving big smartwatch company makers a real run for their money. With thousands of customers already convinced, XWATCH is the first flagship smartwatch of the new era costing three times less than the competition. XWATCH is here to satisfy the most demanding smartwatch users.  

It's selling like crazy worldwide, we investigate why this little known smartwatch is so popular!  

Everybody knows the big tech brands are ripping us off. They change very little every year, and yet their watches seem to keep getting more and more expensive... But can you get a top-quality smartwatch, without paying crazy prices? 

We investigate why everyone is choosing this particular new smartwatch, instead of overpriced ones like the Apple Watch, for example.

FIXD — Diagnose Your Own Car & Save Thousands on Costly Car Repairs

★★★★★ (2,133 reviews)

Fixd was one of the biggest Kickstarter campaigns ever. It’s a revolutionary device that allows YOU to know what’s wrong with your car before taking it in to a mechanic so they can’t take advantage of you ever again.  

Just plug it into your car, pair the Fixd device with your smart phone, and viola! It tells you EXACTLY what’s wrong with your car, no mechanic needed! It’s one of our favorite devices we’ve seen and all of us here at the office got one for our cars.  

Video DoorBell - Answer And Monitor Your Front Door From Anywhere 

★★★★★ (1,237 reviews)

This smart Video DoorBell will provide you with instant alerts to your tablet, smartphone or PC. If the doorbell is pressed or the motion sensor is triggered, the free Video DoorBell app will enable you to see and speak to your visitors, even if you are away from home.  

As one of the first manufacturers of smart doorbells, Video DoorBell have established themselves as leading designers of home security systems. This experience has helped Video DoorBell to create this Video DoorBell, which is simple to install, affordable and reliable.

XONE - This SmartPhone Takes The World By Storm

★★★★★ (7,671 reviews)

The latest, greatest top-of-the-line phones from Samsung and Huawei costs $1000 or more. They are fantastic phones, but no matter how good they are, next year there will be much better models out, and they will feel old and slow. Isn't there a better way?  

Thanks to a newcomer on the market called the XONE Phone the price for a premium phone has dropped from $1000 to an affordable $399 (and just $199 with senior discount) which is an absolutely incredible deal. Billions of dollars are wasted by consumers who are still paying over one thousand dollars for their new phone. 

Liporing - 1 Weird Invention to Burn Your Weight Fast & Easy...  

★★★★★ (7,258 reviews)

Up to 64% of women and 59% of men in the world are currently battling with obesity. Could this be a solution? We investigate...  

Could latest solution to burn the extra pounds in your body be in your… try to guess, try harder… in your big toes and in a ring?  

Stop doing crazy diets. Quit playing games with your health and stop spending money on clinics that will not show any fast results.  

Stop spending useless hours in the gym. Stop wasting your money on expensive clinics. This invention works, fast! Keep on reading to find out what it is...

Clearview — Night Driving Glasses Makes It Much Safer To Drive!

★★★★★ (2,831 reviews)

According to the National Safety Council, night time driving is 3x more dangerous than driving during the daylight hours. Reduced vision, bright lights, and glare from oncoming traffic affect millions of drivers each night. Wearing ClearView glasses dramatically reduces the risk involved in driving under low light or foggy conditions.  

In fact, ClearView was voted the #1 solution for safe driving at night. The specialized yellow tint provides 100% UV protection while enhancing contrast and clarity. This leads to less strain on your eyes which can cause drowsiness and migraines. NightGuide HD glasses are also lightweight and designed to fit easily over prescription glasses.  

Try these high-definition lenses today and you will notice an increase in your vision the second you put them on.

ThermoRF— The Skincare Solution The World Never Knew 

★★★★★ (4,334 reviews)

Until recently, radiofrequency (RF) was only performed by licensed skin experts and cosmetic doctors. However, everything changed when the leading engineer behind ThermoRF decided to introduce this machine to the public.  

This introduction made beauty surgeons and cosmetic doctors across the world furious, since they started losing loyal customers, who now decided to buy the affordable machine instead of continuing their pricey RF procedures.  

Thanks to the engineer, who wishes to stay anonymous, ThermoRF hit the market, making it possible to treat yourself in the comfort of your own home. It is actually not only non-invasive and pain-free but actually pleasant and requires zero downtime, so it is ideal as a lunchtime procedure or before an important social occasion or work event, when you want to look your best.

TacticLight X - One of The most powerful flashlights in the world. 

★★★★★ (3,572 reviews)

So what is TacticLightX? It is a flashlight that can literally save your life. It is one of the brightest flashlights ever made, and it is designed to be this powerful for self-defense purposes. 

It's hard to imagine that a normal-looking compact flashlight can produce such a strong beam of light, and the reason for this is that this flashlight is built with recently declassified military technology.  

For a very low price it will help keep your home secure.  

Did we mention that it is a great christmas present? Not only will it be appreciated, there's no better feeling than keeping the people you love safe.

RetroMi - Play 168 Classic Games On This Portable Console

★★★★★ (8,889 reviews)

Makes for a perfect Christmas gift. 

Every day, leading console manufacturers are taking consumers for a ride. You could spend a fortune on games and consoles, but what if you didn't have to? RetroMi is offering consumers a choice. You could spend all that money, or you could pay less and get 168 games and a rockin' console! This bad boy is one you can take with you everywhere you go but doesn't cost the earth. It's compact, lightweight, robust, and features all the games from your childhood you know and love.  

What's more, it's convenient in any situation. Whip it out and play with it while you're on public transport, on your lunch break at the office, or even in the comfort of your own home, by connecting it to your TV!  

RetroMi is enabling you to experience the best of both worlds - classic console gaming with a hint of nostalgia...  

WiFiBoost - This Device Boosts Your Home WiFi

★★★★★ (2,346 reviews)

If watching Netflix or Youtube on your current WiFi connection is a game of Russian Roulette, it might be time to consider this little device. Slow Internet speeds ruin your daily experience and internet providers make big money with that.  

Don't spend a ton of money on a faster home internet line. Instead, increase the effective speed and signal quality of your wifi network easily with the help of WifiBoost, now with senior discount!

ScreenKlean - Carbon Molecular Cleaning Technology Leaves Your Screens Crystal Clear AND Fights Bacteria!

★★★★★ (2,434 reviews)

Traditional cloths & sprays smear, smudge & even scratch your screens. But ScreenKlean’s ‘smart’ carbon molecule actually ATTRACTS and lifts away dirt & grime from your screen – so each cleaning leaves your screen bursting with the HD clarity you expect! No dirty cloths. No messy sprays. 

Over 650K Already Sold & Counting!

RazorX - Breakthrough In Technology Finally Guarantees A Shave Free Of Irritation 

★★★★★ (6,121 reviews)

If you're a man, you will spend 65,520 minutes, or 1,092 hours, shaving your face. That means you sit down, haul out the shaving cream, make a mess, wet your clothes, and annoy your wife. What happens if you could waste less time in the bathroom so you can spend more time doing something you enjoy? 

Say goodbye to regular razors and hello to RazorX, a new, high-performance dry-shave razor.

SilentSnore — The #1 Solution to Snoring 

★★★★★ (2,133 reviews)

Snoring can be the reason behind so many arguments. It has even been known to cause partners to split. Everyone needs a good night's sleep, and being deprived of it can have disastrous consequences. Luckily, for the millions of people that snore, there is a solution.  

SilentSnore is a proven answer to the problem that is snoring. It doesn't matter how severe, this is a product that gets rid of snoring.

CoolSleep - Revolutionary cooling pillow is hailed as “the holy grail” for sleeping disorders

★★★★★ (2,223 reviews)

Having a hard time falling asleep and feeling like a zombie? Most likely you may be dealing with insomnia, like millions of others… Scientists claim that this hi-tech pillow could put pharma companies out of their extremely lucrative sleeping pill business. We have tested it.  

Stop wasting your money away on useless solutions to sleep. We have taken a look at a powerful solution that costs only a few pennies. We wish you sweet dreams!  

Counting sheeps, rolling and turning in bed until the sheets are upside down and the first sunbeams hit your window? Stop doing it and return to your desired quiet nights.

FlexSafe - Keep Your Valuables Safe With This High Security Carrier

★★★★★ (837 reviews)

It’s called FlexSafe and it’s THE state of the art anti-theft portable safe that makes safeguarding your valuables WHEREVER you go easy and convenient!  

Protecting your wallet, cash, jewelry, phone, and more is as easy as this…  

Place valuable inside FlexSafe. Zip it up. Lock it to a fence, bike, shopping cart, chair, stroller, pole - ANYTHING you can wrap it around and your done! All your valuable are now safe and secure, which means...  

Now you can focus on experiencing the fun things in life with your family rather than focusing on your valuables to make sure they don’t get stolen.  

You get maximum peace-of-mind with FlexSafe that you’re simply not gonna get using anything else.

Pawtraits - Custom Made Pet Portraits

★★★★★ (8,909 reviews)

Pet owners all ower the world goes crazy of this new website that will create a custom portrait of your pet, with the design you choose, and send you the results already printed and stretched out on a canvas.

If you don't have a pet yourself, this is the perfect gift for someone who has. They provide Gift Coupons as well and all seniors get 20% off your purchase with the discount code provided.

Use Senior discount code in checkout: coupon65

Magifry - The Non-toxic and Non-sticky Frying Pan

★★★★★ (5,257 reviews)

Are you still using a Teflon frying pan? Have you read about the scientific toxicity studies? Try searching for "teflon toxic" on Google or YouTube. What you will see may shock you.  

Magifry® is 100% free of toxins and dangerous chemicals. It is made of prime ceramic, copper and titanium. We proudly guarantee that they are completely toxin free, and safe for you and your family, even when cooking at very high temperatures.

Winergy — The world’s most convenient wireless phone charger has arrived!

★★★★★ (5,348 reviews)

Wireless 10w Fast Charging Universal for all Android & iOS Devices and all Qi Compatible Devices. 

If you’re at home and have to dash for the charger, you will often find that out of the blue, your charging wire doesn’t work anymore. Perhaps you have tried turning it over or played about with the wire itself but it’s no use, the wire is dead.  

This results in having to scramble for another, potentially leaving you needing to leave the house to buy another. One thing that won’t let you down in such a way, is a wireless charger, and there is no better than Winergy.  

For a super-fast charge time and convenient, wireless charging, it is an impressive gadget and a must-have if you are lucky enough to own a compatible device.

T-Watch — The Invincible Military SmartWatch Every Guy is Talking About... 

★★★★★ (5,726 reviews)

This excellent watch uses the latest technology to give you convenient features on your wrist.  

A traditional watch has limited uses and with modern lifestyles being so demanding, people want more. The ability to tell the time is no longer enough, technology has moved on.  

If you are one of the many people who are not happy with their watch and want to see what an advanced timepiece can do for you, the T-Watch is what you have been searching for.  

ErgoRelax - The Travel Pillow That Will Give You A Great Sleep

★★★★★ (2,448 reviews)

This Amazing Travel Pillow Gives Comfortable Options To Make Sure You Can Rest, Even In Difficult Conditions. It’s not easy falling asleep whilst you are on the go. Some people find it impossible to get comfortable, so miss out on hours of sleep, whilst other people are in the middle of theirs. Being wide awake on a plane at night, or finding it hard to sleep whilst camping is annoying but thankfully there is something you can do about it.  

ErgoRelax has more than one type of use and has been proven to make it easier to sleep and rest for a long time. Before you begin your journey, make sure you have considered what ErgoRelax can do for you first.

Translaty - Communicate In Almost Any Foreign Language In Seconds, Not Years!

★★★★★ (3,547 reviews)

You spend years taking pricey language courses and the result is never satisfactory. Native speakers will always mock your accent, mimic your ways and call you names.  

Do you agree that language barrier is one of the greatest challenges when travelling overseas? When was the last time you felt confident asking for directions abroad? How about shopping or taking a taxi? Don’t worry! Everyone knows this feeling! Studies prove that language shaming keeps the majority of people away not only from travelling the world, but also from pursuing an international career.  

But how come, politicians and famous businessmen manage very well speaking only 1 language? The truth is, they’d rather hire an interpreter than waste their precious time and money on language learning.  

Why can’t you do the same thing - have your own translator? No, not by your side! Inside your pocket! And you will not need to break the bank!

 Smoke SOS - Long Lasting Smoke Alarm (10 years)

★★★★★ (2,611 reviews)

A potentially life-saving product, SmokeSOS is an advanced smoke detector that your family can rely on in a time of crisis. There aren't many products that are more important than a smoke detector. Anyone who has experienced a serious fire will know, it could be the difference between life and death.  

Your family deserves the right level of protection and security in the home, that way, everyone can sleep easily at night knowing they have an alarm system in place that won't let them down.  

If you are one of the many people who need to know their smoke alarm is one that works when you most need it, SmokeSOS can help.

DroneX Pro — Record Epic Adventures With The Foldable Lightweight DroneX Pro

★★★★★ (1,333 reviews)

The Perfect gift for a grandchild. DroneX Pro is a precision engineered drone which is specifically designed for easy flying, making it perfect to fly inside or to record action shots whilst on the move. Its foldable structure and lightweight design makes it an essential item for any adventure!  

A marvel of engineering and design, the DroneX Pro was built to go wherever adventure takes you. Inheriting the best of the DroneX® series, this ultraportable and foldable drone features high-end flight performance and functionality for limitless exploration.

SeedSheets - The Easiest & Fastest Way To Grow Your Own Herb Garden! 

★★★★★ (844 reviews)

Infamous plant killers, rejoice! Growing fresh, organic herbs is now easy with the Seedsheet Herb Garden. Whether you’re growing in your backyard, balcony, or kitchen – our DIY kit makes growing your own herbs simple and delicious!  

Best part? Each herb garden provides up to $92 worth of Organic, nonGMO Produce!  

That’s right – the freshest, healthiest, and most local herbs are now at your fingertips!  

Shark Tank Winner! Over 150,000 SeedSheets Sold Worldwide!

KeySmart - Clever Gadget Transforms Your Bulky Keychain Into A Handy Tool

★★★★★ (5,111 reviews)

Over 2 million people have upgraded their boring keychain with this incredible new alternative. Made with aircraft grade aluminum, smaller than a pack of gum, and packed with accessories – this gadget has everyone raving!  

Do you wake up in the middle of the night in a cold sweat worrying about how bulky and unsightly your keychain is? Of course not. But when something as cool as this key organizer comes along, it makes you stop and take a second look at your bulky, leg-poking, annoyingly archaic keychain. I mean, there’s gotta be something better, right? 

Well, there is!

Xtra-PC — Tired Of Your Slow Computer? Make It FAST Again With Xtra-PC!

★★★★★ (2,831 reviews)

Whenever you buy a new computer, everything feels fast and it is fun to use. A few months later, the computer starts slowing down, and eventually, you wonder how was this the same computer you bought when it was brand new? This new Gadget called Xtra PC works with any computer (Mac or Windows) made after 2004, and it is FAST (and will never slow down).  

You can plug this little USB device into your computer, restart your computer and start using Xtra PC immediately. This will bypass your older/slow computer and operating system while STILL having access to all of your files and it comes with the programs you need to browse the web, send/receieve emails, listen to music, etc.  

Get this amazing brand new computer on a memory stick now--before special offers run out!

Mindinsole — Introducing the world’s first Acupressure Insoles  

★★★★★ (1,713 reviews)

MindInsole insoles provide a relaxing, sensational experience with every step you take. Designed to alleviate leg, and back pain and promote a well-balanced lifestyle; MindInsole is the easiest change you can make for a healthier, happier you.  

MindInsole isn’t just for pain and stress, many people wear MindInsole to boost energy, promote blood circulation, and for comfort when standing for long periods of time. Whatever your foot concerns are, MindInsole can help.  

VIZR — Heads Up Driving

★★★★★ (2,346 reviews)

Inspired by fighter jet technology, VIZR is truly the best trip planner of the 21st century. It’s the first it’s kind that allows you to drive without having to take your eyes off the road, utilizing Air Force heads up display technology.  

Because of this, you’re much more likely to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal car accidents because you had to glance down at your phone and take your eyes off the road. This is our editor’s pick for coolest gift this year, not only because it’s awesome, but because it will help you avoid more accidents on the road.

CoolAir - Portable and cheap air conditioning

★★★★★ (5,989 reviews)

The world is currently going through the warmest period in its history. Fans and ACs were sold out all over and most peple hadn't prepared for the heat wave. If you're tired of having to deal with the heat at your office or in your home, then this Swiss invention is exactly what you need. At an unbeatable price it turns water into cold air and is probably the most effective and enviromentally friendly air conditioning device available. Don't suffer through another heat wave, get CoolAir today!

Type S — Parking ANY Vehicle Is Now Safe and Easy! 

★★★★★ (1,657 reviews)

Whether you’re pulling in, backing up, or parallel parking, you can now get realtime visual and audio alerts on your phone when your vehicle approaches any object – kids, bikers, other cars, poles, and whatever else you might encounter!  

Easily detect the unseen and avoid fender benders or accidents – save yourself time, money, and keep yourself & others safe!  

One drive with Type S, and you’ll wonder how you ever parked without it!

TVBuddy — Turn Your TV Into A SmartTV

★★★★★ (2,342 reviews)

The TVBuddy Caster wirelessly streams Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, HBO Now, and thousands of other apps and games to your TV!  

TVBuddy Caster uses your smartphone, tablet, or laptop as the remote control for your TV. It connects to your Wi-Fi network and is compatible with even the fastest new 5GHz Wi-Fi networks.  

Why squint looking at tiny videos on your phone when you can wirelessly beam them to your giant TV screen? TVBuddy Caster can make your videos HUGE, and it’s super easy to use, too!  

TVBuddy Caster wirelessly connects to your Wi-Fi network, and is compatible with all of the major names in video streaming.

Photostick Mobile - #1 Way To Protect Your iPhone and Android Photos

★★★★★ (2,346 reviews)

Like the Photostick earlier in our list, Photostick Mobile can be used to back everything up very easily, except it's for mobile devices instead of computers. This is also a perfect and thoughtful gift for a person who cherishes their memories.

With the push of a button, it instantly finds, organizes, and secures all photos on any mobile device so you will never lose any of your memories. It’s the best way to “organize your life” for anyone who has hundreds or thousands of scattered photos on their phones they want to save will love this.

Ulla - Reminds You To Drink More Water

★★★★★ (5,341 reviews)

There’s a 75% chance your body is dehydrated right now. This is why you need Ulla, the world’s first and only smart hydration reminder that works with EVERY bottle, glass, and cup you own! It’s the easiest, most effective and affordable way to drink the amount of water needed to feel your best and stay healthy. Whether you’re at work, home, the beach, or traveling – Ulla provides timed drinking reminders to keep you at peak hydration.  

Ulla is used by over 280,000 people in 160+ countries!

LadyCare — Relieves Over 20 Menopause Symptoms WITHOUT Side Effects – Over 500,000 Sold! 

★★★★★ (4,441 reviews)

All-natural menopause solution is clinically proven to work and doctor recommended. Over 500,000 devices have been sold and women can’t stop singing its praises!  

Are there many things in life more frustrating than dealing with dreadful menopause symptoms? Menopause is a lonely emotional roller coaster that can take a devastating toll on you and your loved ones.  

While you could try remedies like HRT, Black Cohosh, and many others for some relief, those solutions are dangerous, unpredictable (do some of them even work?) and they can lead to scary, even life threatening health consequences.  

So why does trying to get menopause relief have to be like playing Russian Roulette with your health?  

The truth is… it doesn’t have to be!

DODOW — Fall Asleep & Sleep Better

★★★★★ (6,336 reviews)

Unlike other sleep remedies that provide temporary solutions, Dodow light metronome actually RETRAINS YOUR BRAIN to fall asleep – while it mesmerizes you to sleep! Dodow's slow rhythmic light is scientifically designed to quickly quiet your busy mind, slow your breathing, and relax your body – swiftly lulling you into a deep, peaceful slumber.

AirBolt — Intelligente Smartlock

★★★★★ (4,116 reviews)

Packed with state-of-the-art security features, AirBolt lets you easily protect and monitor your belongings right from your phone. Always know where your luggage is and who’s handling it, secure your bags while at work or at the gym. With AirBolt, you’ll feel complete peace-of-mind anywhere you go.  

Winner of the 2017 Good Design Award!

AudiPlus — Improve Your Hearing With This Discreet Hearing-Aid

★★★★★ (2,346 reviews)

Statistics show that about 40% of people over 55 suffer from some type of hearing problem, although most choose to ignore it.  

AudiPlus brings the latest generation hearing aid to the masses. With the help of new manufacturing techniques, it provides cristal clear sound to everyone who's had issues with their hearing.

KeyLess Pro - The future of keyboards has arrived 

★★★★★ (6,451 reviews)

Turn any surface into a keyboard projecting from your smart device with ease.

Because transporting a laptop isn’t always ideal, which is why many people are turning to the latest solution in convenience, making work truly mobile. All you need is a flat surface and you can type faster with added features to make it even easier.  

Keyless PRO has become the most important gadget in the bag of a lot of commuters and just those who need to get some work done when on the go. Easy to use and reliable, it is considered by many to be the future of keyboards.

Peeps™ - The Ultimate Glasses Cleaner

★★★★★ (3,009 reviews)

Inspired by fighter jet technology, VIZR is truly the best trip planner of the 21st century. It’s the first it’s kind that allows you to drive without having to take your eyes off the road, utilizing Air Force heads up display technology.  

Because of this, you’re much more likely to avoid dangerous and potentially fatal car accidents because you had to glance down at your phone and take your eyes off the road. This is our editor’s pick for coolest gift this year, not only because it’s awesome, but because it will help you avoid more accidents on the road.

FitTrack - A Scale That Examines Your Whole Body

★★★★★ (3,009 reviews)

FitTrack is the first and only accurate and affordable way to measure, track, and trend your health data over time.  

Just step on the scale with your bare feet and FitTrack will do the rest. It’s patented BIA technology and innovative smartphone app provides 17 real-time measurements about your health and body – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen!  

Over 140,000 FitTracks Sold and Counting! Used By Leading Physicians & Nutritionists.

Neck Hammock - Better Than a Chiropractor

★★★★★ (2,389 reviews)

Say goodbye to neck pain! Neck Hammock quickly relieves neck pain from the comfort of your own home. It’s patented technology combines resistance bands and gravity to give you a controlled stretch, helping with improved posture, increased circulation, and fewer pinched nerves. It pulls the tension out of those tight, inflamed muscles in your neck while you rest!

Upright Go - Better Posture in Only 2 weeks

★★★★★ (7,509 reviews)

UPRIGHT GO is a tiny wearable device that sticks on your back and gives you a gentle vibration to remind you to correct your posture whenever you slouch. It is this correction in your posture that has the incredible ability to relieve the soreness and stiffness in your neck and back that you experience on a daily basis. As a result – this discreet, effective device could STOP your backache in 14 days for less than a family trip to Olive Garden! The wearable device also connects to a 100% FREE iPhone and Android app that allows you to track how much time you spend slouching, and your daily improvement.

IOnic Spa Shower - A high powered system that leaves a lasting impression 

★★★★★ (4,381 reviews)

Ordinary shower heads do little more than wet your skin. But now, people have raised their standards. Thankfully, the IOnic Spa Shower is easy to replace and is being labeled as the savior of the industry for a reason. Most competitors lack the power to truly clean the user.  

If you are one of the many people who are asking for a quality experience every day, then the IOnic Spa Shower is going to change your morning routine.

ZendMind XP - Relax your eyes with a soothing massage thanks to the latest technology in eye care

★★★★★ (7,509 reviews)

To take the strain off modern life, this is an excellent solution to a bad night's sleep or headaches. Because anyone who works in an office will know, sitting at a screen all day can have a lasting impact that causes irreparable damage.  

Fast becoming a must-have product, ZenMind XP uses the latest technology to deliver a break from the damaging light from computer screens and smartphones, restoring your eye health and alleviating pain from headaches. 

  • Heat vibration for the ultimate relaxation  
  • Improves blood flow to eyes for a youthful look  
  • Compact and Easy to use

EcoHeat s - Your portable heater

★★★★★ (7,509 reviews)

Most compact heaters are slow to heat, not powerful enough and expensive to run. Not to mention they don't have the relevant safety features to make sure your home is protected should the product be knocked over. Thankfully, a heater is available that actually solves all these problems, and does a lot more. That product is EcoHeat S.  

If you are struggling to heat up a room then this really is the product that is going to change your home for the better.

Aculief - Say Goodbye To Headaches & Migraines In Minutes! 

★★★★★ (5,348 reviews)

Aculief is a patented, award-winning acupressure device that provides drug-free headache and migraine relief – FAST!  

It works by applying pressure to the LI4 pressure point (located on your hand between the thumb and forefinger), which has been used for thousands of years to treat headaches and provide tension relief.  

It’s doctor-approved and recommended for effective self-treatment.

EyeQue - Test Your Vision & Update Prescription Glasses From Home 

★★★★★ (2,389 reviews)

EyeQue’s patented, award-winning Personal Vision Tracker is the world’s only accurate, affordable, and easy to use, at-home vision test. Easily test your vision, update your prescription glasses and order them online – all from the comfort and convenience of your own home.  

Invented by Dr. John Serri, MIT Grad & Atomic Physicist. EyeQue is Doctor-Tested & Doctor-Approved!

BeerBubbler - Achieve the Perfect Beer Foam Every Time With the BeerBubbler Ultrasonic Beer Foamer. 

★★★★★ (3,853 reviews)

This handy beer dispenser and foamer turns ordinary canned beer into a total taste sensation that will change the way you drink beer forever.  

When you’re hosting a party or barbeque or enjoying a picnic in the park, regular canned beer can be a bit of a disappointment. You just don’t get that creamy foam that you get when you buy a draught beer in a bar. There’s also the nightmare of trying to pour beer from a can into a glass without it overflowing. All in all, canned beer can be a problem.  

If you’re fed up of disappointing experiences with canned beer but tired of being overcharged in bars and clubs, the BeerBubbler ultrasonic beer foamer and dispenser is just what you’re looking for.  

NaturAir – Revolutionary Invention Removes Foul Odors in 30 Seconds

★★★★★ (1,690 reviews)

The magic of activated charcoal continues to amaze even scientists. Discover new ways to use its already-proven purifying power. Imagine never having to spray a bottle again. New Charcoal bags are a simple trick to remove foul smells around your apartment or house. NaturAir is now having a Seniors discount: the more you get, the more you can save.

Locate Any Misplaced Item in Seconds Anywhere in the World With XYFindit

★★★★★ (7,244 reviews)

You want to give the ultimate James Bond, 007 spy device to someone? This is it. It’s a portable tracker that you can put on anything from your keys to your dog to your luggage to your bike. It allows you to see EXACTLY where things are on a map so you never lose anything ever again. A lot of people are putting them on their keychains and purses so they don’t lose their keys or purses. It’s just an overall cool device. It’s also just a beautiful design, and we love things that are designed well.

Bondic - Fix Anything!

★★★★★ (8,956 reviews)

Bondic has gained an incredible 1500+ 5-star reviews because it’s just that much better than super glue. If there’s anything around the house that you need to fix, from glasses to door hinges Bondic can fix it. It’s really an incredible technology that you can now have in the palm of your hand to not only get things fixed fast, but fixed STRONG. It’s the perfect gift for a college student, a homeowner, dad, or someone who just likes to be able to fix things and feel like James Bond doing it. We love this one.

WuffStop – Stop Any Dog From Barking With This Revolutionary New Device

★★★★★ (5,218 reviews)

Have you ever been walking through the park, simply minding your own business, but then a dog jumps out of nowhere, barking and terrifying you? Or perhaps you own a dog that you can't seem to get under control? Rather than spend tons of money on training programs, you can purchase WuffStop® and put a STOP to that barking immediately.

GlowBowl – Instantly Make Your Toilets LOOK AND SMELL GREAT! 

★★★★★ (1,122 reviews)

Revolutionary new toilet-light with built-in air freshener is flying off the shelves – over 1 MILLION sold and counting! See why this incredible invention is helping people worldwide get a better night’s sleep!  

Nothing is worse than being jarred awake from a blissful night’s sleep when you take a late night bathroom trip and are blinded by the bathroom light.  

Studies show that sudden bright light exposure decreases Melatonin production, making it tougher for you to fall back asleep (which we all know makes for a grumpier and less productive you).  

But what if a revolutionary new toilet-light could ensure you and loved ones could find the bathroom, even in total darkness, without ever having to flip on a light switch?