Karben: a minimalistic RFID-blocking aluminum and carbon fiber wallet designed to be slimmer, smarter, and safer.

It’s time to replace that old, worn-out awkward-looking leather wallet in your back pocket.

It’s not only embarrassing, but it can affect your health!

More and more men are slowly realizing that the standard “dad” wallet they’ve known and loved is causing them major problems.

Not only will an over-stuffed wallet wear a hole right through your back pocket, but it can also cause extreme back pain! Think about it.

We spend so many hours each day sitting on our unbalanced, uncomfortable wallets. The unevenness can contribute to chronic back issues! Yes, it’s THAT serious!

Fortunately, there’s a newly released carbon fiber wallet, simply called Karben, that not only reduces unsightly bulk but might also relieve that mysterious back pain you developed over the years.

Karben truly is the best wallet you’ll ever buy.


Need an upgrade for that old, worn out, over-stuffed leather wallet in your back pocket?

Karben is a secure smart wallet that’s slimmer, smarter, and safer than any wallet you’ve ever used before.

See for yourself why smart consumers are choosing this smart carbon fiber wallet over all the other brands on the market.

•    Holds up to 12 cards

•    Military Grade Carbon Fiber panels

•    Lightweight design

•    Elastic band cash clip

•    RFID blocking

•    Integrated lanyard/keychain loop

BONUS tag sticker at no extra charge!


Tired of hauling out that old leather eyesore of a wallet every time you need to make a purchase?

The Karben is expertly designed for both performance and style.

Forget the bulky wallets your dad (and grandpa!) use. This carbon fiber wallet won’t ruin the back pocket of your pants!

See The Karben Difference With Your Own Eyes


Throw that old, overstuffed wallet of yesteryear in the trash.Karben is designed for the modern man.

Karbens are made to be ‘barely there’.This means you’ll enjoy a lighter, slimmer wallet you’ll barely notice in your pocket!

Karbens are made to be the slimmest and the lightest carbon fiber wallets you’ll find.

The wallet of the future is available TODAY.


Constructed with durable carbon fiber panels mounted on aluminum frames, the Karben is designed for durability.

Rest assured this carbon fiber wallet will stand the test of time. It’s scratch resistant, fingerprint-resistant, and it keeps all your cards safely secure.

Don’t waste your time with flimsy, fragile wallets that are a frustrating nuisance.

Karbens are proof that slimmer can be STRONGER


The high-tech carbon fiber wallet keeps your important cards close to you and your personal information even closer!

The integrated RFID blocking layer protects your sensitive data from opportunistic digital thieves.

Keep electronic pickpocketers from stealing your important data.

That old wallet in your back pocket won't stop thieves the way this carbon fiber wallet will.


Mike R. Boston, MA


”I used to use a ‘dad’ wallet. I kept it in the back right pocket of my pants and it eventually wore a hole through them! And it was uncomfortable. I developed back pain because of years of sitting on a bulky, uneven wallet! Not surprisingly, my pain went away when I started using a carbon fiber wallet. Last wallet I’ll ever buy.”

Nathan K. Green Bay WI


“This carbon fiber wallet is more dependable than Aaron Rodgers! Hands down the best minimalistic wallet I’ve seen. Very study, very slick. Very practical with a super cool look. It’s sleek and simple, but sophisticated. All my friends ask me where I got my Karben. It’s seriously the best wallet I’ve owned and I’ll never replace it with another brand.”

Nick P. Butte, MT


“The minimalistic Karben is not much bigger in size than a credit card and it fits in my front or back pocket easily and discreetly. It literally weighs NOTHING compared to every other wallet I’ve owned in the past. And it’s STRONG! I’ll have this carbon fiber wallet for years to come.”

Gideon J. Los Angeles, CA


“It might sound stupid but since I replaced my old super awkward wallet with a Karben, I feel like James Bond or something! It’s compact, lightweight, discreet, and looks like it came from 20 years in the future. But my favorite part is how secure it is. Digital thieves can’t get my sensitive info with this awesome carbon fiber wallet.”


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